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ChillYourMind is streaming 24/7 Music Radio. Carefully curated music from our own uploads & playlists.
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1. No advertising
2. No Racism, strictly bannable.
3. No Offensive/Discrimination hate (Jokes are allowed and a bit of trolling, but not serious hate)
4. You may speak in any language.
5. Be nice to everyone, spread good vibes, and don't forget to check the new uploads ;)
6. Enjoy.

How to get a mod?
- Be active, be kind, be nice to others, be helpful, check every new upload, always engage (like, leave comments, share with ur friends) and I'll consider you ;)


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1: madebymister - $260 - Wow dude, thank you! Really appreciate your support, means a lot to me. Glad you like what we do.
2 :ColonChristian - $200 - THANK YOU! Yes, I will, this keeps me motivated and i'll try even harder now! Much love man.
3: xdedds*x $105 - Thank you Anna, I really appreciate it and I'm glad that you like our stream! Much love.

and everyone else who helped, much love!
Thank you guys so much, It really means the world to me.

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ChillYourMind Radio • 24/7 Music Live Stream | Deep & Tropical House | Chill Out, Pop Music, Dance Music
Perfect for studying / study music, relax / relax music, summer music..etc.
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