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Most countries are well known for some specific cultural peculiarities. Japan is, probably one of the most exotic ones.
The country is famous for its inventions and strange (only to our opinion) things that can exist only there. Some of them are weird, others are genius; a couple of them are somewhere in between. In this video we decided to amuse you by the most exotic and strange ones, which are still awesome to see and use. Stay tuned for Smart Is The New Sexy and watch the full video. We bet you’ll find a lot of interesting things to learn and discuss with your dearest and nearest! If you are ready, meet the most interesting and unusual genius inventions to be found only in Japan!

For more interesting Japanese things check Japanese Journey channel: http://jpclip.net/chanjp/UCkAK...

We found a lot cool videos there and used some of them in this video with the permission. So thanks to them!
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