Abdullah Gangawali S/o Moulana Anjum Gangawali | Learn Qur'an Tilawah - Online Contest, Bhatkal

Learn Qur'an Tilawah - Online Contest

Name: Abdullah Gangawali
Father Name: Moulana Ismail Anjum Gangawali
Age: 10yrs
City: Bhatkal

This blessed month of Ramadan, Learn Qur'an offers you the chance to participate in the Learn Qur'an Tilawah - Online Contest.

How to enter the Learn Qur'an Tilawah - Online Contest?

Participating in the Learn Qur'an Tilawah - Online Contest is easy. Simply follow these steps:

1. The contest is open only to male participants below 15 years of age residing in and around Bhatkal, Karnataka, India.

2. Make a video (maximum 2 minutes) of your recitation. Here’s how: Sit facing the camera and record your recitation (any Surah from the Quran).

3. Judges at Learn Qur'an will rate the participant’s Tilawah based on tajweed accuracy (30 points), style and tone (30 points), pronunciation (20 points) and audio & video quality (20 points).

4. Learn Qur'an will then upload your video to YouTube. Remember, the participant whose video gains over 2,000 views stands to gain an extra bonus of 10 points.

5. 10 top winners will then be notified via WhatsApp.

6. Send your video along with the details below via WhatsApp to @+91 9108 51 51 51.

a) Name b) Father's name c) Age.
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