Alive in Living Colour 2018 | Highlight Promo Video

The Urban Project 2018 - Alive in Living Colour
Presented by Studio Urban Dance Family
15th of Dec 2018

Creative Director
- Mark Barber

Guest Choreographers
- MyKey Joaquin
- Mason Hayward
- Erana Walls
- Wanida Serce
- Vanessa Maree Friscia
- Madi Lee
- Craig Taylor-johns

Guest Performers
- Dstrakt

Video Interviews by:
- Coach Mykey Joaquin
- Coach Craig Taylor Johns

Produced by:
Mark Barber
Mary Villares

Shot and Edited by 5 Entertainment
Creative Director: Bryce Jarrett
Managing Director: Esther Park




'Foundation is the key to creativity.'
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