Best Portable Projector 2018 | Wifi + Bluetooth Pocket Projector | Benefast 3D

Best Portable Projector 2018 | Benefast 3D Projector Review
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In todays video we will be taking a look at the new 720p LED benefast 3d pico projector. It has a built in battery, easy to take on the go, and pretty affordable. IS it worth your money? Let's find out together! HD Pocket projector 2018

More Great Portable Options
AXAA P700 Pro (Discount): (Amazon)
ZTE SPro2: (Amazon)
Wowoto H8 (Discount): (Amazon)
Toumei V3 (Discount):
Optoma Intelligo S1: (Amazon)
All under $500

My Projector screen: (Amazon)

Want to know what Camera I Used?
Link Here: (Amazon)

Want to know what Lighting I Used?
Link Here: (Amazon)

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