BREAKING!! Kilauea Volcano Crater Completely Collapsed! Lava Still Spewing Out!!!

More BREAKING News from Hawaii!! The Crater from the Kilauea Volcano Collapsed that caused a 5.3 Earthquake!! Lava is Still Spewing out of the Volcano and 438 earthquakes have been reported in the last 24 hours!!

Here are the links:

Crater Collapsed

Government Earthquake tracker

earthquake numbers

CORRECTION pollution was from China!!

Drone footage shows crater the size of ‘90 football fields’ at summit of #Kilauea volcano (VIDEO)

The volcano eruption in Hawaii continues to cause problems and damage #Kilauea #Volcano #hawaiivolcano

pictures of the crater collapsing

more footage of lava

Proof of the Military bombing Kilauea Before

New Article they may think about bombing Kilauea again!
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