Catch and Cook Black tip Shark fishing from the Beach in Florida

In this episode of Living with the Land, we're in Northwest Florida doing a little DIY fishing for blacktip sharks from the beach. Shark fishing isn't that hard to figure out. All you need is some good sized shark rods, a canoe or kayak to paddle the baits out, and patients.

We start of by catching bonita and blue runners for bait before setting the shark lines just before dark. Night fishing is where it's at if you're targeting black tip or other shark species.

We did a little surf fishing for pompano and red fish as well but just caught more bait.

Toward the end of the video I show how to clean, skin, and filet the shark. Most gets packaged up for the freezer but we cooked up some fresh shark steaks as well. we blackened these.

For cooking shark, you first need to remove the ammonia smell from the shark meat. You can prepare shark by soaking in a mild vinegar or lemon juice solution works well. Once that's done, just coat the steaks with blackening seasoning and grill them or throw them on a hot skillet. Blacktip shark is said to be very comparable to swordfish!

Although I grew up saltwater fishing in Florida, this was the boys first experience with the hard fighting saltwater fish.

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