CONSEQUENCES a Jamaican high school movie

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A movie about the problems affecting Jamaican high school students and the consequences of their action.

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Tekesha is the prominent hot gal in High School.... she is dating Joe who is the Gallist in real life. Tekesha will do anything to please joe or protect their relationship...even running a 'battery. look into the lives of some unique characters within a high School settings and experience the consequence of their actions. The main idea of this movie is to highlight certain events that occurs in a student’s life in high school, events that affect their personal well-being, their friends and family as well a the consequence that’s comes with their choices whether good or bad. It is a teaching tool for students to know the dos and don’ts in a certain situation. also for parents to know what goes on in the secret life of their children and how to approach the situation. This film is about the truth..... the truth that many refuse to believe, but it’s out there and happening to our students.

CONSEQUENCES a Jamaican high school movie
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