12.01.18 - Were you there? If you weren’t, these highlights should give you an accurate depiction as to what went down... at the 2018 Dallas Terrain Race!

...Flooded woods, muddy terrain, slick obstacles, and a course shorter than most!

The Texas OCR community came thru with flying colors and brought their A-Game to make this race pretty amazing! Enjoy the video and please comment and tag your friends below in the comments!

Be a blessing to each other y’all!!!


Tags, in order of appearance 🤣

Matt Campione , Brenna Calvert , Miles Keller , Erica Medrano, Lashay R. Marks, Cody Thrift, Ronald Tortola, Lauren Woodcock, Miranda Lynn Huber, Victor David Quezada, Benjamin Gifford, Tyler Spencer, Carlos Carbajal, Luke Halterman, Jacob Holmes, Kash Tavakoli, Francesca Vegas Pereira , Tom Wilson, Steve Richardson, Aimee Akins, Lauren Milkie, Jordan Halterman , and Lucan Scout Quezada!

** Original Video Posted on Facebook, 12/27/18:

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