Episode 4: Boston Trading Terminatrix (Best MCU Movies Edition) | Forgot to Grow Up Podcast

The guys talks the Best MCU Movies, their favourite cross overs, and cross overs they'd love to see!

Whether you like the order or not, we also give you our rankings of top five (ish) MCU movies based on our separate criteria.

Come on Son! you know we've got Q&As for you

And a timeless classic : Dude, what did you watch this week?!

This week's segments: - Crossover Multiverse - Ranking Our Favourite MCU Movies - Q's for A's - Dude, What'd you Watch This Week?

If you have any questions be sure to ask!

Forgot To Grow Up discusses the television, cinema, and pop culture you're never too old to love. Co-hosted by Andrew, Scott, and Craig, three dudes who Forgot to Grow Up.

Join us each week as we spelunk into our thoughts, opinions, and memories of the cinema and television we grew up on as well as recent television and movies.

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