Final Major India Seddon - Society

Final Major HND Digital Film Production and Visual Effects


Directed and Produced by India Seddon
Set in the mere future,
The world is corrupted, the human race is turning against one another, there is no hope...
Rebecca Davies invents 'Society', a high tech implant by which enforces humans to be Good, granting them with life. By doing Good, their life increases to a stage they can life harmoniously, however the wrong decision... could cost you your life.
There is no Police, no government enforcement no more as the implant takes over this.

As all tech needs, an update.
The update goes wrong.
Corrupting the system to the point humans are now on the edge of extinction. Nothing is sacred, Nothing is safe..
It is the battle of the fittest.

Only One man can save humanity once and for all, with a devise he can end the Society plant for all and bring back his people, with twists and events will he reach his destiny ?
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