Foreign Music 2018/Зарубежная музыка 2018

3:38 Kupra - Magical
6:30 Simtem - Lovin' It
9:43 Gioni - Trigger
13:04 Tomsize - Hands In The Air (ft. Ragga Twins)
16:05 Lobster Music - Shut Down
19:37 Othos & Jiant - Only You
22:34 Prismo - You Got It (ft. Billyracxx)
25:45 NoXuu - She Said
29:40 Loud - Flame ft. NOX
32:35 Wizard & Matbow - Knock Knock
35:07 All I Want For Christmas (Wizard & Matbow Remix)
38:33 Eyght - Black Mamba
42:04 Freaxment - 2K17
45:57 Gutter Brothers - WRCK
49:49 Hex Cougar - Sex U
52:57 Illenium - It's All On U (T-Mass & LZRD Remix)
56:24 Oxilo - Line
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