Fortnite soccer fields: Where are all the soccer fields? How to find the soccer fields?

The Russia World Cup has touched every aspect of modern culture on its opening day after Epic Games adds soccer fields to Fortnite.  The battle royale game now has a fully-fledged arena, fit with bleachers, goals and corner flags for players to explore and play with. Epic Games has added soccer fields into the map in time for the Week 7 Challenges that will drop on the same day as the World Cup. Players have immediately jumped straight to the stadium for a quick kick-about to complete one of the challenges which require players to score goals on each of the soccer fields.  Related articles Fortnite Pleasant Park treasure map: Week 7 PS4 Switch challenge guide Fortnite score a goal on different pitches: Week 7 challenge guide Where are all the soccer fields on the Fortnite map?  The Week 7 Challenges ask players to score a goal in five different soccer fields across the map, developing Fortnite games into a scramble to kick the ball into the back of the net before being cut down by enemy players.  Throughout the Fortnite map, Epic Games have created three proper football stadiums for players to complete the challenge, but there are a few extra locations that can help players complete the challenge. The first, and most obvious soccer stadium added is just north of Pleasant Park - a full-length massive stadium with seating will make players feel like they have just stepped out onto the pitch in Moscow in time for the Russia World Cup. The second is also in Pleasant Park to the south, which has always been there. This soccer field is much more rugged but still a perfect place to score a goal for the weekly challenge. EPIC GAMES Fortnite score a goal on different pitches challenge: How to find football stadiums Thu, June 14, 2018 Fortnite week 7 challenges include the score a goal on different pitches task. Here is how to find the football or soccer stadiums needed to complete the Battle Pass challenge. Play slideshow EPIC GAMES • GETTY • YOUTUBE SHUFFLEGAMER 1 of 18 Fortnite score a goal on different pitches is one of the week 7 challenges EPIC GAMES/FORBES Next, there is an indoor field just to the west of Tilted Towers. This field has been there for several months now but gives players more of a college soccer feel as they battle to score a goal.  Retail Row houses a makeshift soccer field between two containers. A ball is in the parking lot of the depot just to the north of the location.  Fatal Fields has been graced with a soccer field just to the northeast. Risky Reels also has one beneath the projector.  Finally, players can have a go at completing the challenge in the parking lot of Flush Factory, between two toilets. EPIC GAMESEPIC GAMESHow do you complete the Week 7 challenge?  This challenge adds a particularly new spice to the Weekly Challenges that simply require you to rest a button in a location to paint a spray or dance. The World Cup challenge requires you to actually physically kick the ball into the net yourself,
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