The long awaited match of the century is here! The King of the monsters VS the King himself! 3D Animation! W/ subs in Spanish!
Kong Ending - http://jpclip.net/playjp/Jpclip-JpKmgDMwAa0GQ
Godzilla Ending - http://jpclip.net/playjp/Jpclip-JpF0zMDvj1b8Y
Again animated in Blender with the VFX work in After Effects. This one took a pretty long time to animate as the physiology of both creatures is very different so it was very difficult to come up with what they could do. The Ending is left to the viewer as I didn't want to get a bunch of dislikes in my video over a winner, as well I'm not Death Battle so I don't have a video to justify the winner that wouldn't just feel like a rip-off. Overall however, I would have to say that personally, the winner would have to be Kong. As a giant gorilla who gets mutated he would have the brain advantage and would be able to use tools to defeat Godzilla. He's taken direct bites from V-rexs (evolved versions of T-rexs), whose bite force would probably be the strongest of all time, and is still able to go on. Godzilla does not have the same physiology as a T-rex and as such his bite force would not be as great. Also, with a relatively small head, its safe to say his brain size would be quite smaller. His main advantage would be his atomic ray, but still, Kong's fur would work as a sort of chainmail, taking the impact, and also Gorillas have very thick skin. With such massive arms and Gorillas being extremely strong, Kong would have the strength advantage. That's just the way I see it though! Hope you guys enjoyed!
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