Hawaii Kilauea Volcano HCCD Eruption Report (August 15, 2018)

Welcome to ROFN Ring of Fire News.(To view this video in HD wth out it being fuzzy looking, Please click the settings cog in the lower right corner of the video. Click Quality:720p HD) Please Subscribe for notification of new videos at: https://bit.ly/2nAdcOa This is a Civil Defense Eruption Update for Wednesday, August 15.

The Hawaiian Volcano Observatory reports that eruptive activity remains at reduced levels at Kilauea Summit and the lower east rift zone. Seismic activity at the summit continues to be low with few earthquakes. The lava pond in fissure 8 cone is mostly crusted over. Fissure 8, along with other fissures, continues to release gas. Lava continues to be reported oozing at several points along the Kapoho Bay and Ahalanui coastline creating a laze plume.

It is common for eruptions to go through periods of diminished output, or to pause completely, only to reactivate days or weeks later, or longer. Activity could occur at any time. Residents should remain informed and heed Hawaii County Civil Defense messages and warnings.

The following guidelines remain in effect:Due to light trade winds some areas may experience elevated levels of sulphur dioxide gas. Reduce your exposure by staying inside with doors and windows shut or by leaving the area.
Do not access the flow field due to extreme hazard. Unstable surfaces can collapse under weight resulting in injury. Motorists on Highway 11 between the 28 and 32 mile markers are advised to stay on the pavement, be alert for changes in road conditions, and drive with caution.The plates on Highway 130 are stable. Motorists are reminded to slow down while traveling through the area.

Also, in addition to our aerial videos, we will be posting Daily Updates from USGS, Hawaii Agencies and Hawaii Civil Defense as they happen to keep you posted on the latest developements. We are researchers and reporters that cover the Volcanoes in the Ring of Fire. Right now the focus is on The Kilauea Volcano Eruption.

This video is courtesy of our friends at HCCD, Paradise Helicopters and Tropical Visions.

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