Hawaii Volcano Eruption: 30 BILLION Gallons of LAVA Issued by Kilauea Over Big Island

Hawaii Volcano Eruption: 30 BILLION Gallons of LAVA Issued by Kilauea Over Big Island

Hawaii's monstrous Kilauea volcano has released a staggering 30 billion gallons of bubbling lava onto the defenceless Big Island since the eruption began last month.

The raging Hawaii volcano has so far spewed enough molten rock to fill 60,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools it has been revealed.

The free-flowing lava has consumed hundreds of homes, displaced thousands and redefined the shape of Big Island by creating new land in the Pacific Ocean.

The eruption transformed the otherwise lush, tropical landscape of the Lower East Rift Zone into a nightmarish hellscape of brimstone and fire.

Read more: https://bit.ly/2y1OsGS

Courtesy - USGS

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