High Alert: Terrifying TORNADO emerges as Hawaii Kilauea volcano whips up FIERY twister

High Alert: Terrifying TORNADO emerges as Hawaii Kilauea volcano whips up FIERY twister

HAWAII’S raging Kilauea volcano eruption has d3str0yed hundreds of homes across the defenceless Big Island and a new catastrophic danger has emerged from the inferno – a terrifying volcanic tornado.

An incredibly rare phenomenon was now captured on camera by a touring photographer who witnessed strong winds whip up a fiery twister.

Photographer Anthony Quintano snapped the breathtaking tornado, dubbed lavanado, over volcanic fissure eight in Leilani Estates.

Mr Quintano said: “I was in a media escort provided by the Hawaii National Guard so we were in Leilani Estates the only legal way to view and cover the lava inside the area.

“The fountain was shooting 200 feet in the air and it was roughly a half mile away from where we were standing.”

Volcanologist Dr Janine Crippler and meteorologist Sean Luchs dubbed the event a “volcanic fire whirl”.

But the agency stressed there is no concern the volcano could create full-blown tornadoes across the island.

Instead, the agency said “dust-devil-sized” twisters are a possibility, similar to the one observed by Mr Quintano in Leilani.

Dust devils are strong and well form whirlwinds ranging from just a few metres to 1,000m in height. (Video/Thumbnail Picture just For Ilustration)

Courtesy: Paradise Helicopters, Hawaii County Civil Defense, USGS
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