How Does the Spartan Perform for Freshwater Fishing - NEW Piscifun Spartan Spinning Reel Review

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Specification of Piscifun Spartan
GAME CHANGER - The 2018 Brand New Piscifun Spartan spinning reel is the first to use matchless CNC brass drive gear at such a competitive price point. This pairs with a premium brass pinion gear, full alloy body and rotor and 12+1 shield stainless steel bearings. These features put this reel in a class by itself. This reel is built TOUGH with the big game fish angler in mind, ready for the test in both Fresh and Saltwater.

POWERFUL – Unique Brass drive gear & pinion gear, reinforced stainless steel main shaft and smooth triple disc carbon washers give the Piscifun Spartan spinning reel a second to none 44lbs / 20kg of smooth drag power; two-side hollow rotor reduces the reel weight to make fishing more comfortable on long days.

SUPER SMOOTH - Japanese Hamai high precision gearing technology and a 3 stainless steel bearing supported carbon drag system offers consistent and silky smooth retrieve.

BRAID READY – No line backing needed on Spartan when spooling braided line; with the unique rubber braid ready aluminum spool. You will benefit from more line capacity as well as saving time and money.

AFFORDABLE - Although the Spartan spinning reel has great features, including a brass drive gear and pinion gear, 12 + 1 saltwater rated double shielded stainless steel ball bearings, full alloy body and rotor, braid ready spool, dead stop anti-reverse and an aluminum handle - the best feature is its low, affordable price. It also comes with a One Year Incredible Worry Free Warranty!

About Piscifun
As a fishing brand dedicated to offering high quality affordably priced fishing gear, Piscifun strives to cut down circulation costs. With this strategy customers across the globe can equip themselves and their families with high quality gear that will not break the bank. Go with family and enjoy your time on the water. Piscifun’s Advantages: 1. Product development based on angler’s needs: The success of Piscifun is based on continuous devotion to our customers’ needs. We are extremely focused on design and development to bring you the best and most cost effective reels on the market today. In order to create great products, Piscifun decided to work with the pro fishermen all over the world to gain knowledge and insight on what the angler wants. By working with these anglers, the company is able to design and test the products before releasing them to our customers. This process ensures that you are receiving a top notch product. 2. Finest craftsmanship Piscifun is dedicated to producing the highest quality products, we will not settle for poor craftsmanship of any variation. We will strive to be perfect with every measurement, every color, and every aspect of our products. 3. Rapid and flexible product update Being able to respond quickly to the needs of our customers and changes in the market allows Piscifun to advance at every turn. Speed and responsiveness are critical aspects of our business. Piscifun’s manufacturers have always been frontrunners. We take pride in being able to update our designs and bring our customers the high quality they desire in a quick and efficient manner. Go with family and enjoy your time on the water!
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