How We Remember War | The Battle of Stalingrad (in Film)

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Lion King Video Essay:

In this experimental video essay-supercut I explore how the bloodiest battle in human history, The Battle of Stalingrad (1942-1943), is remembered in world cinema. The various German, Russian and Euro-American films about the struggle all give their own interpretation on the struggle, containing some parallels but most of all some significant contrasts in the battle's representation. This raises questions about the nature of the 'historical fiction film' and how it influences our postmemory of the War and of history in general...


- Stalingrad, Antony Beevor, 1998

- The Battle of Russia (1943)
- The Battle of Stalingrad (1949)
- Hunde, wollt ihr ewig leben/Dogs, do you want to live forever (1959)
- The Great Battle on the Volga (1962)
- Stalingrad (1993)
- Enemy at the Gates (2001)
- Stalingrad (2013)

1. Suspense Music - Post Apocalyptic | CO.AG Music
2. Symphony No. 5 (by Beethoven) | Ludwig von Beethoven
3. Moonlight Sonata (by Beethoven) | Ludwig von Beethoven
4. From Russia With Love | Huma-Huma

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