(In Japanese) Beautiful Miura Momoka's Golf Shot Highlights 2018 T Point Japan LPGA

See highlights from the up-and-coming beautiful Japanese golfer Miura Momoka from the 2018 T Point Ladies Golf Tournament on the Japan LPGA. Subscribe today! Click here https://goo.gl/EYZLbC Learn golf swing tips from master instructor Jerry Harmon. Jerry is the author of the critically acclaimed golf instruction book Jerry's Golf Gems, available at https://www.jerrysgolfgems.com. Jerry's Golf Gems is filled with over 50 priceless pieces of golf advice that cover the long game and the short game. Learn the secrets of the golf grip, swing plane, irons, power, wind play, putting, chipping, course management and more.

These fundamentals are used by the best golfers in the world, including Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, Jordan Spieth, Jon Rahm, Bubba Watson, Adam Scott, Justin Thomas, Sergio Garcia, Dustin Johnson, Lydia Ko, Michelle Wie, Ariya Jutanugarn, and many more.

Tempo Myth
Backswing Wide, Downswing Narrow
Bend It Like Ben Hogan
The Grip
Fairway Bunkers
Swing Length
Back to It
Hips Open, Shoulders Square
Quiet Right Shoulder
Stomach It
Steep, then Shallow
Hal Sutton Then, Hal Sutton Now
Head Movement
Head Moves Right
Analyzing Tiger Woods Swing
Ben Hogan's Pane of Glass
Jim Furyk's Swing
Golf Ball Under Foot
The Late Hit
Grabbing Rope or Serving Cocktails
Watch the Handle
Tim Herron's Secret
Sam Snead's Knee Bow
The New Pane of Glass
The Punch Shot
The Magic Gap
A Sticky Solution
Use Your Head...cover
Left Shoulder Square
Ear on Shaft
Weight Shift on Backswing
Catch Raindrops

Buried Lies
Chipping Club Selection
Corey Pavin's Putting
Cross-Handed Putting
The Flop Shot
Play it Like Don Pooley
Visualize the Line
Firm Left Side when Putting
Widen Stance in the Wind
Short Shots
Left-Hand Only Drill
Think Right Wrist
Speed vs. Line

See an Ocean
A Slice is Good?
Learn to Video
Rules Trivia
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