July 12, 2018 New England Fishing Report with Toby Lapinski

Follow the weekly fishing reports across New England at https://www.thefisherman.com/index.cfm....

This week The Fisherman Magazine is down at ICAST in Orlando, FL. We are checking out the latest and greatest new fishing products by companies from around the world, and we’ll be bringing you some first-looks over the coming weeks. As is always the case when we head out of town, the fishing back home in New England has been very good all week.

The warming waters of Long Island Sound are pushing some big black sea bass and striped bass to the east. Both species have seen some very big specimens landed from about Clinton to Niantic, with sea bass to 5-plus pounds and stripers in excess of 50 pounds landed.

Over at Block Island, the exceptional striper bite that started on the last moon continues with fish spreading from Montauk to the Ledge and beyond. Rod-and-reelers have landed a good number of 40- and 50-pounders, while some spearos working the same waters have been finding equal success and noting some very, very big fish mixed-in with the schools.

Out east of the Island, cod fishing is settling into the summer bite with fish to the 20-pound class landed. This makes for a great targeted trip as well as a way to top off your cooler if you’re returning from the tuna grounds, or if you spend some time around the Wind Mills hunting fluke.

For our offshore friends, the canyons are beginning to produce marlin (both blues and whites), bigeye, yellowfin and bluefin. There is even word of some fast-moving schools of bluefin running up the South Shore of Long Island, so we should hopefully see these fish hitting our waters by the weekend.

As always, be sure to check out this week's fishing forecast at and fishing reports at https://www.thefisherman.com/index.cfm... for a complete look at what is biting and where.
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