Kill The Golden Goose (Kung Fu Action Movie, Martial Arts, English, Full Length) free youtube movies

Kill The Golden Goose (Kung Fu Action Movie, Martial Arts, English, Full Length) free youtube movies
Kill The Golden Goose (Kung Fu Action Movie, Martial Arts, English, Full Length) free youtube movies
Kill The Golden Goose (Kung Fu Action Movie, Martial Arts, English, Full Length) free youtube movies
Kill the Golden Goose (1979): Kung Fu Action Movie, Martial Arts, English, Full Length Free Feature Film, Buong Pelikula.

1h 30min | Action, Crime, Drama
Director: Elliott Hong
Writers: Brad Weston (screenplay) (as Brad von Beltz), Patrick Strong (screenplay)
Stars: Brad Weston, Bong Soo Han, Ed Parker

Two former comrades find themselves on opposite sides of the honesty fence. The real villains are corrupt government officials and big-business influence peddlers. Diplomacy goes out the window as arguments are settled with fist, foot, and crushed skulls.

Hailed by many as the worst martial arts movie of all time, Kill the Golden Goose still deserves a watch! Mauna Loa (Ed Parker) is a hired, usually deadly assassin. His assignment: kill all the witnesses scheduled to testify before a U.S. Senate Subcommittee. Trying to stop him is Bong Soo Han, portraying LAPD Police Captain Han. The conflict becomes personal as well as professional… the policeman is married to the killer’s ex-girlfriend. What unfolds us a death match to the brutal end!

Review by Adam Barker:

This movie is freakin' amazing in a so-bad-it's-good way. World class assassin Mauna Loa is hired to knock off three high-ranking executives in a corporation that are going to testify to wrongdoings. Wooden acting, badly choreographed Kung fu and hippy detective sleuthing ensue. This movie is such a scattered grouping of scenes that it is difficult to determine who the main character is.

Captain Han is a Hapkido master that has great trouble delivering lines in English despite having most of the dialogue in most of his scenes. He is played by Bong Soo Han who also stars in another one of my favorite bad action movies, FORCE: FIVE. Detective San Hazard is a hippy attempting to discover the cause of these murders. Oh and he carries a fringed purse! Equal time is spent with Mauna Loa who is portrayed as a a debonair man of mystery who women throw themselves at. In reality, he is a pudgy, middle-aged man, that would have a hard time picking up a stripper with a pocket full of hundreds.

This movie is hard to find, which is unfortunate, because everyone should bask in its earnest mediocrity. Hunt it down if you can, it is worth your time.

Mauna Loa (Ed Parker, grootmeester in Kenpo) is doorgaans een dodelijke huurmoordenaar. Zijn opdracht: alle getuigen doden die voor een commissie van de Senaat moeten verschijnen. Politiechef Han (Bong Soo Han, grootmeester in Hapkido) probeert hem tegen te houden. Het conflict wordt zowel persoonlijk als professioneel: de politieman is namelijk getrouwd met de ex-vriendin van de moordenaar.

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