Low Hanging Fruit - Product Invention Criteria

I'm Carrie Jeske. I'm gonna try to make these videos more for you when things come up because, boy the world is changing so fast. I just came from a meeting where we were talking about all the different distribution channels that are available. Places that you can sell product and we've got some fantastic team members that I am so excited about.

We can drive product sales, but here's what I need: The lowest hanging fruit is
1) manufactured goods and
2) a prototype with manufacturing tooled.

If you've already purchased product and you're ready to sell it, but you have not sold it yet in a big way and it's not all over Amazon and the knockoffs haven't taken over it's really early-stage... that is what we're looking for. If you can give me a manufactured good that is early, early stage, we can
take that thing and get it to market very quickly and everybody can make money fast. Speed to market is more important than ever. Before the knockoffs hit so please keep those kind of product ideas coming, and I'll see you on the shelves.
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