Mugen Japan Kendo Bogu - Customized

People asked me what 'gear' I use in the Dojo. For several martial arts I use different items of course.

This is my Bogu (Kendo armour) from the Japanese Mugen company. 4 mm. stitching. Completed with Sune Ate, because in our style of Kendo (Kenjutsu) we are allowed to hit the legs.

I must say this Bogu is top quality. It takes about 3 months to make it, but than you get true value for money. It fits like a glove :)

I use Dobari style Shinai, because I like the balance and speed. The Shinai get regular maintenance, with some sandpaper and oil. When the Tsukagawa gets all dirty and slippery, I replace it. I prefer to buy more expensive Shinai, because they last a lot longer and are in the end more cost efficient than cheap Shinai.
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