My BEST Invention!

It's gonna be so useful!
Hope I win the Gryphon MOC Contest!

Also if you were wondering who the heck and why I was using someones intro.
It was angrybirddudes:
I used it cuz he used mine xD
Only for jokes

Are you a youtuber?
Do you like YouTube?
Then join the coolest amino community out there 8)

What do we do here?

⚡Share posts
⚡Play Video Games
⚡Answer polls
⚡Share art
⚡Play Quizes
⚡Share your YouTube channels
But most importantly,
⚡Make new friends!

What are the rules?
🔥No bullying
🔥No nudity/porn
🔥Having fun

So, are you ready to join?
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Cross-Z :

Angry Bird Dude:
⚠️Please know that all the music is not mine!

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