NAN IU Wooyoung Controversy Cut

My position on this: (Not that people would care. =_=..)

IU may have been in the wrong but seriously, considering the consequences after this show was aired, as much as I love WooYoung, he should have kept his mouth shut on some things. He didn't have to reveal so much about these personal instances that would be really derogatory to IU's image as a public figure on TV. Saying this considering that he's a guy, especially one who's 4-5 years older than IU herself. I'm not saying IU's mature, but for sure, WooYoung wasn't either, here. As for now, a lot (thousands already?) of Korean HOTTESTs are pretty much bashing IU over this. & Apparently, some of her own fans turned anti, which is..sad.

(IF you're questioning my position on this, well, I'm a big fan of both IU & Wooyoung, both being my huge biases. :x)

Anyways, enjoy the few, if any, WooU moments in the clip. x)

Mostly uploaded for clarification on the controversy.
Sorry if there are typos on subs or whatever other errors. Was pretty much half-asleep while editing the clip. :x
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