Phishing gmail using Kali linux 2018 || How to hack gmail || LAN

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In this video, I have shown how phishing can be done over LAN Network (Local Area Network ), If you want it to work over the internet or over WAN (Wide Area Network) click on this link:-

The Social Engineering Toolkit (SET) is most powerful and advanced hacking tool.
today we are using (SET) tool to hack/Phish Gmail via LAN (Local Area Network)

open SET Social Engineering Toolkit using the following command

[email protected]:~# setoolkit
1) Social-Engineering Attacks
Now select option: -1 2) Website Attack Vectors
Now select option: -2 3) Credential Harvester Attack Method
Now select option: -3 1) Web Templates
and then option: -1

Now open a new terminal and type the following command
[email protected]:~# ifconfig

Now copy your IP, It will look something like this
192.168.x.xx.x 2. Google
Now select option: -2

Now let's open a browser
and search for

paste your IP on it

now it will generate a URL
copy the generated URL

now send the generated URL to your victim
using any source like
facebook, Gmail, messenger, etc

wait till your victim opens the URL and
Enter his "Email" and "Password"

#hack_gmail #google_account #phishing #kali_linux #how_to
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