Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces Love: They Love You Too! Divine Timing!

Water signs June 11th-24th Bi-Weekly Love Quickie

❤Love Readings 15 mins for $35.00❤
Email me at [email protected]

🤔 How it works: 🤔
You will receive a link to my PayPal, make your payment, and send the following: 

Full name and nickname (if you have one)  :
DOB (mm/dd/yyyy) : 
Gender Identity (M/F) :
Type of reading: 
Date of Payment:
Partner's/perspective's Fullname (if you have one) :
DOB (mm/dd/yyyy) :

After payment is made and information is received, I'll add you to my schedule.
I record your reading and send you a private link to view it. You can watch it whenever you want as many times as you'd like. 😊
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