Summary execution

Summary execution
A summary execution is an execution in which a person is accused of a crime and immediately killed without benefit of a full and fair trial Executions as the result of summary justice such as a drumhead court martial are sometimes included, but the term generally refers to capture, accusation, and execution all conducted simultaneously or within a very short period of time, and without any trial at all Under international law, refusal to accept lawful surrender in combat no quarter is also categorized as a summary execution as well as murder Summary executions have been practiced by police, military, and paramilitary organizations and are frequently associated with guerrilla warfare, counter-insurgency, terrorism, and any other situation which involves a breakdown of the normal procedures for handling accused prisoners, civilian or military
1 Civilian jurisdiction
2 Military jurisdiction
21 Prisoners of war
22 Exceptions to prisoners of war status
23 Under martial law
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Civilian jurisdiction
In nearly all civilian jurisdictions, summary execu Summary execution
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