The Journey. Day 155 // Focused Learning -- Chrisdelu

I have a lot more energy when I don't work out and eat well :o
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Love being able to focus, something about the feeling that you're actually getting it is so satisfying. For me it's still difficult to uphold a level of focus like that still, so I want especially excited for school to start, where my focus will constantly be needed. It's like a training regimen for my focus :) On another note, still sucking at League, but I can really see the differences between my current elo and where I should be, I believe it's a combination of experience with your character and overall map awareness. Right now, I lack both. I am decent at map awareness, however with Irelia (my new main), I am still preoccupied with her abilities (she's a highly mechanical champion). I do believe that the effort I put into League today will get me towards success, but the thing about that is that I don't really know. I feel like I have to set up an overall plan that gets me a professional gamer by 2020. I am kinda scared of doing that, which tells me I definitely should do it. Let's pop the idea that just by believing in myself I will get there eventually. This idea is wrong. I have to set a plan for myself with which anybody could become a pro in 2 years. I am not special. I have to remember to look my problems in the eye and find a way to solve them. -- So happy to have these thoughts, with this type of thinking, it really feels like I can do it, that is if I actually do what I just proposed.
-Your Chrisdelu, always looking up.

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