The Rules of Kendo - EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains - The Rules of Kendo. This is a Japanese Martial Art and Sport based upon Samurai Swordsmanship or Kenjutsu. It’s contested worldwide and is popular in Japan.

Specific to International Kendo Federation Rules - watch this short beginner’s tutorial video guide on how Kendo is played, Kendo rules, and how to play Kendo
Learn about ippon, men, kote, do, tare, zanshin, ki, ken, tai, tie, shinai, sword and more.

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Video: Copyright NHK (I do not own video footage and claim fair use).
Images: Google (Various)
Music: ‘Imperial Theme’ by Great Japanese Empire, ‘Samurai Warrior’ by Derek Fiechter
Narrated, Directed and Produced by Ninh Ly

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