Upcoming Japanese Movies of 2018

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Top Upcoming Japanese Movies 2018

ES_Losing My Cool - Otto Wallgren (1)

#01 My Little Monster
Comedy, Romance, School, Manga
Votes: 696

#02 Chihayafuru Part III
Romance, School, Youth, Drama, Sports, Manga
Votes: 590

Action, Supernatural, Manga
Votes: 533

#04 Bride for 8 Years
Votes: 446

#05 Miseinen Dakedo Kodomo Ja
Romance, School, Manga
Votes: 366

#06 Laughing Under the Clouds
Action, Historical, Supernatural, Manga
Votes: 337

#07 Sakamichi no Apollon
Music, Romance, School
Votes: 244

#08 Funouhan
Suspense, Mystery, Manga
Votes: 209

#09 Laplace's Witch
Crime, Detective
Votes: 204

#10 Honey
Romance, School, Youth, Manga
Votes: 175

#11 A Forest of Wool and Steel
Votes: 140

#12 Tonight, At Romance Theater
Votes: 113

#13 Marmalade Boy
Romance, School, Manga
Votes: 112

#14 Perfect World
Votes: 104

#15 Rainbow Days
Comedy, Romance, School
Votes: 104

#16 Code Blue The Movie
Votes: 98

#17 Colors of Wind
Adventure, Romance
Votes: 98

#18 Inuyashiki (
Crime, Supernatural, Manga
Votes: 97

#19 Woman Who Loves Lies
Votes: 84

#20 When I Get Home, My Wife Always Pretends to be Dead
Life, Family
Votes: 81

#21 Ano ko no, Toriko
Romance, Drama, Manga
Votes: 80

#22 Evil and The Mask (
Mystery, Psychological, Crime
Votes: 80

#23 Ito-kun A to E
Romance, Drama
Votes: 77

#24 The Scythian Lamb
Votes: 67

#25 Does the Flower Bloom
Romance, Drama
Votes: 64

#26 Criminal for the Prosecution
Law, Investigation
Votes: 64

#27 Katte ni Furuetero
Romance, Manga

#28 River's Edge
School, Drama, Manga
Votes: 57

#29 Brother's Friend
Comedy, Romance, School, Drama
Votes: 47

#30 Last Winter, We Parted
Drama, Investigation
Votes: 46

#31 D Kanojo: Real Girl
Romance, School, Manga
Votes: 41

#32 Gintama 2
Action, Historical, Comedy, Sci-Fi
Votes: 40

#33 Friend Sin
Mystery, Drama, Investigation
Votes: 35
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