Vainglory random LoL moments 20

Vainglory is the best moba game for mobile device include android and ios. Download it free on CHplay and appstore.
Vainglory random lol moments 34 released!. Join the best moba game for mobile device ( android, ios). Download now to discovery the halcyon fold world. Meet Champion and dominate the War.

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#Music credit:
Intro song: Android P*rn - Kraddy
0:21 Kevin Macleod - DarxieLand
0:41 Rosh Budgen - Rupture
0:53 Karma Fields - New Age - Dark Age (Deluxe Version) - 01 Edge of the World
0:58 Benni Hill theme
1:30 Kevin Macleod - Pixel Land
2:09 Tokyo Machine - Fight
2:17 Trainer Red Epic Remix
3:21 Rogue - Nemesis
4:04 Kevin Macleod - One-eyed Maestro
4:21 Varien - My Prayers Have Become Ghosts
6:21 Razihel - Children of the Night
6:49 Karma Fields - New Age - Dark Age (Deluxe Version) - Edge of the World
7:12 KEvin Macleod - Pinball Spring
7:38 Happy troll song
8:00 Dark piano
8:12 Lionel Richie - Hello
8:20 Kevin Macleod - Loping Sting
8:28 Hands way up
8:52 Tokyo Machine - Party
Outro song: Proleter - April Pool

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