Wine News This Week! MW says Wine and Food pairing is bull****, Malia Obama, Bad Wine Labels

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Malia Obama, wine and not food pairing, Qupe, vegan wines, London night time commission.
What are your thoughts about Wine and Food pairing does it have a place in the industry anymore ????

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Which is Better Wine or Craft Beer !! What beverage is better priced, which tells you the most about the product, which has the most variety of flavours or the is the BEST Quality drink !! Look out for our Diss Track / Rap Flavour off!! Forget about Wilder vs Fury !! this is the real fight!

Why Are Wines Expensive?

Especially when your looking at the rows or list of wines at your display and thinking a wine can't be worth £90 pounds and it can't be that much better a £30 pound bottle of wine??!!! Well, Somm Kash Goes deeper into wine to get a better understand and reasoning.

Wine, Sex and Chocolate !!!

A blind tasting of both Wine and Chocolate to see which chocolate pairs best with the wine. Is it really as Sexy as people say it is?

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Movie: Thor Vs Wine!!

We see if the god of lightning knows his stuff about wine! is he drinking the good stuff or the poor wines to drink, what difference does the price make and how does that reflect in the wine? but mostly what up with his hammer !!
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Why does Spanish wine have wire in the bottle?

A popular question on Google why do some Spanish wines have golden wire on the bottle !! well with much research and time I have found the answer and you will know in just a 1min the answer !!
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How To Choose a Wine from the Wine List !!

we look at 3 different wine list from 3 different places to break down, what kind of wines you should be choosing for yourself, and others... tempt you not too always choose the first one on the list !!
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Mastermind: Wine vs Craft beer

Here we have the ultimate battle of Knowledge, Somm Kash vs Crafty Lozza:

Christmas and movies

Ever wondered what movie would be great with a glass of wine!

Party Wine

Celebration time Come ON!!

Crafty Lozza 3
We bought Beer, in Wandsworth, was a great little place where we tried a unique selection of craft beers, some very toxic ones !!

Crafty Lozza 2

Crafty Lozza 1
We are outdoors and tasting different ales

Celebrity Wine Show

Pairing Celebrities with Wines !! it daft but don't you want to know,

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