Wisdom from Japanese Archery (Kyudo) by Jerome Chouchan

In Target Jerome Chouchan presents a unique approach to business and life, taking inspiration from the wisdom of the ancient Japanese martial art of archery - Kyudo. Kyudo has a particular teaching: Right shooting always results in a hit . This means that you shouldn t worry about simply hitting the target; instead, you should calmly focus your energy and willpower on proper mindset and form. In doing so, this right-minded shooting will naturally result in a hit. In the business world, we are all under the pressure of hitting sales targets, improving profit margins, increasing efficiency and maintaining relationships. The philosophy of Kyudo gives new perspectives and solutions to the struggles and opportunities that anyone may encounter in their business and career. Target stands as a relevant guide to our modern times. The Kyudo aphorisms have been passed from Japanese masters directly to the author, and have been put into practice for professional and personal situations.

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