City Pop Compilation 8|シティーポップ|Retro Japanese Music/Mixtape

Keep an eye out for next month's video. I'll be doing something special for this summer!
By Yourself was by request. If you have any songs you want in these compilations, comment them and I'll try to take a look!

Song/Anime List:
0:00 Miho Morikawa - By Yourself (Dirty Pair)
4:47 Yuiko Tsubokura – Dancin' in the Middle of Night (Bubblegum Crisis)
9:25 Kimiko Kasai - The Right Place (Idol Densetsu Eriko)
13:57 Meiko Nakahara - So Shine (Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam)
18:36 Asami Kobayashi - Sugar Shuffle (Devilman: The Birth)
22:40 Chiyono Yoshino - Toshi no Koibito (Stop!! Hibari-kun!)
27:01 Anri - Flashin' Night (Cat's Eye)
30:40 Miki Matsubara - Wash (Kimagure Orange Road)
35:08 Momoko Kikuchi - Deja Vu (Ah My Goddess)
39:03 Maiko Okamoto - Fascination (Macross: Do You Remember Love?)

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