Funny Japanese Commercial Songs - 1 - JPOP CMソング

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Japan makes the world's coolest advertisement with lots of fun, humor and color. Also they have some of the catchiest ad jingles. This video is a compilation of the never-ending fun thing called Japanese commercials.
This video features cmソング メドレー from
00:00 Japan Intel, 00:30 Nisshinbo,
01:00 Y Mobile feat, K-Pop group Twice,
01:15 Kincho, 01:45 Shiseido Make-up, 02:00 GU Fashion,
02:15 Japanese calbee consome panchi dog commercial
03:00 KFC krushers 03:20 R Point 04:00 Y! Mobile feat Twice
04:30 Pocari sweat ad 05:30 UFO from Nissin
06:00 Lotte Commercial 06:15 Suntory Strong Zero
06:30 Nintendo 3DS 07:00 Lotte 07:15 Wonda Flavors
07:30 Y! Mobile Zero 08:10 Sea Breeze 08:30 Pizza-La
08:40 Calpis Oasis 09:50 Dol Street
10:50 Yakult 11:00 NTT Docomo 11:40 Akagi ice-cream
13:20 Pakkun Japanese Diet Pill 13:50 Wonder Core

Thailand Commercials:
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