Guess Funny Japanese Ads with Unexpected Twist at the End - Part 16

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Japan makes some of the most funny, cool and interesting commercials in the world. In this ad compilation video you have to guess the Japanese product before the commercial ends. You have 10 seconds to guess or you can pause the video for more time. Now you can also vote your choices by clicking on the cards where you can see the overall voting score. Have fun with this simple guess the ad quiz video.

0:00 Sanko Job Search Commercial
0:30 Pachinko D’Station CM
0:45 Guess the Geisha Japanese Commercial
2:00 Guess the Musical Forest Ad
3:58 Cool and Interesting yellow Hat Tyre Commercial and Candy Ads from Nobel and Meiji
5:00 Cannes Silver Lion Award Winning Commercial
6:43 Guess the people Stuck in the wall ad
7:30 Funny Candy Commercial from Lotte
8:30 Samurai in the Manchester Commercial
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