Guess Funny Japanese Ads with Unexpected Twist - Part 14

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Are you crazy, cool & creative enough to think like Japanese? Life in Japan is so different than Western sensibilities and their love for sushi, sumo, anime and their rich cultural heritage manifest in a uniquely weird, cool and funny way of making commercials. This video has some of the most epic Japanese ads from Gin No sara, Y!Mobile, Samurai Cup Noodles, Nintendo, Google Home Mini, SoftBank and Esthe Wam!!! Can you guess the products in 10 seconds??? Let us find out as you play this funny Japanese ad game.

JPOP CMソング Part 1:

This video features 面白い日本のコマーシャル :
00:00 SoyJoy Office Japan Commercial
00:30 Gatsby Mowhak Bleach CM
00:45 Guess Funny Cat Commercial
01:25 Guess Epic Japanese TV set Commercial
03:35 Guess Funny Asian Ad - Bowling
04:30 Fuess Funny Hugs Commercial from Japan
05:40 Guess Crazy Japan CM directed by Wes Anderson and feat. Hollywood celeb Brad Pitt
06:20 Bonus Ad - Amazing dance - Old Gatsby CM
06:50 Crazy and Funny Japan Nintendo Commercial
07:30 Epic Japanese Top Ramen CM
10:10 Google Home Mini Loves Cat Commercials

Thailand Commercials:

iklan jepang :
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