Keisuke Tanaka | Behind the Lens of a Reverted Japanese Engineer

One Day with a Japanese Muslim, a series of getting to know interesting new Muslims from Japan through the eyes of Aya Kim, a colourful personality herself.

For this this episode, Aya will be meeting Keisuke Tanaka, a 25 years old Japanese revert at the traditional Japanese city, Kawagoe, Saitama and have a stroll around the street. Follow Keisuke’s hijrah stories and you will get inspired with his stories.

Executive Producer: Ili Amdan, Syahir Ismail & Mizz Nina
Producers : Farah Hazwani & Kamil Hafidz
Motion Graphic : Azarikh Amran
Video Editor: Farah Hazwani


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Iman Sa'id Keisuke :

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