The 12th Japanese Court Music Concert at Ryokan "Sakura Urushitei" (京都の旅館で味わう雅楽とおばんざいの夕べ)

19:0020:00[Gagaku concert]

◆ Gagaku(雅楽)
Japanese ancient music which formed in the 10th century.
Since then, this music has been preserved by the Imperial households as Japanese ceremonial music.
◆ Obanzai(おばんざい)
Kyoto home style cooking which has been passed down from parent to child.

This event is good opportunity to enjoy Japanese food and music!
Please feel free to contact us!!

≪Reservation Required≫

Date : 7th July 2018

Price: 200yen (ADV) 2500yen (DOOR)

Mail : [email protected]

Tel. 075-343-0003
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