10 Largest Holes Swallowing The Earth

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When you take a look around, it’s pretty impressive how far we have come as a species and how much we have been able to transform our surroundings to suit our needs. Yes, advances in human knowledge and capabilities have meant that we can build massive cities, push the limits with enormous skyscrapers, operate a fleet of passenger planes to allow people to travel nearly anywhere they want in just hours. We’ve even sent people into space, to the moon and have a small space station operating just above the earth. It seems like we are able to do anything we want nearly anywhere we want because we are the masters of the Earth. Well, not completely.
Every now and then we, the human race, get knocked off our lofty perch as a reminder that while we possess huge amounts of knowledge and capability, we are still very vulnerable and powerless against certain things. We have great medical knowledge but a number of diseases and illnesses remain incurable. Every now and then some sort of new virus pops up that demonstrates just how easily we could be wiped out. For all our power, even an asteroid hurtling through space could wipe us out as it did the dinosaurs so long ago. Indeed, we may be the king of the jungle but our world continues to remind us that even the king is vulnerable.
All over the planet, Mother Nature loves to remind us how she can have the final say in how we go about our lives. Vicious storms, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions – these are just a few of the ways our planet reminds us that we don’t run the show all the time. Sinkholes, an event where the ground opens up and swallows anything in its path, are yet another reminder that even though we can build impressive structures and settlements wherever we want, Mother Nature can make them vanish in an instant. All over the world sinkholes appear. Often, they cause little to no damage because they occur in remote areas. Sometimes, however, a sinkhole will appear in a populated area leaving an area of death and destruction in its wake. Like something out of a horror movie, a sinkhole can appear unannounced and advance in an unstoppable manner.

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Solikamsk, Russia
Dead Sea Sinkholes, Israel
Heavenly Pit, China
Guatemala City, Guatemala
Bayou Corne Sinkhole, Louisiana
Fabian Pit Sinkhole
Sharon Springs Sinkhole, Kansas
Berezniki Sinkholes, Russia
Merafong Sinkhole, South Africa
Yamal, Russia

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