10 Volcanoes That Could Destroy The World

These are the 10 top most powerful super volcanoes in the world they might be that things that destroy our planet & end everything!

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5. Mount Kilauea
This volcano in Hawaii is the world’s most active volcano and has been steadily been erupting since 1983. The summit has rose to its highest peak in the past 42 years. Here in this photo you see a pool of lava that almost appears to be the pits of hell. This pool has also risen to its highest level and is an estimated 16 feet deep. The lava flow seems to creep up on unsuspecting locals on Hawaii’s Big Island and in the 1990’s it destroyed over 200 homes. Officials say that there is nothing to worry about and this volcano doesn’t have the potential to affect people’s plans surfing or hanging out on the beach. But considering how active this volcano is, if there’s enough pressure underground, this thing could cause some serious damage.

4. Cumbre Vieja
While people are soaking up the sun in the Canary Islands, they might not always realize there’s a volcano here that could cause the end of the world. Scientists theorized in 2001 that the entire western half of the volcano could potentially fall off into the ocean and create a megatsunami. The Cumbre Vieja collapse would create an extraordinary wave like we’ve never experienced before and spread like we see in this photo. The initial wave would be 2,100 feet in the air and a wavelength of 15 miles. It would travel across the atlantic ocean of speeds approximately 450 miles an hour, destroying anything in its path. It would potentially wipe out all of Florida, the Caribbean, the eastern coast of Brazil and Western Europe. By the time it reaches the coast, the waves would be at least 160 feet tall. People might only have about 7 and a half hours to respond to this mega tsunami, causing mass panic. Massive flooding would take place in major cities like New York, Sao Paulo and Miami. The globe would certainly need to be redesigned if this ever took place. Scientists say there’s a possibility each year that this could happen.

3. Mt. Vesuvius
We’re all familiar with mount vesuvius as being the volcano that destroyed the city of Pompeii in 79 AD but in modern times, the volcano is certainly capable of causing more destruction. With about 3 million people in italy living near the volcano, and 300,000 of them living in the red zone, it’s certainly the most dangerous volcano in all of Europe. It’s only 7.5 miles away from the city of downtown Naples. Take a look at it on google maps and you’ll notices it’s basically surrounded by people and houses. Scientists also claim that this active volcano is much overdue for an explosion. About two millennia ago we saw it plastered people into human statues. Who’s to say this won’t happen again and what kind of devastation would that eruption had caused if it were to happen now.

2. Popocatepetl
This massive volcano is the third tallest active volcano in the world and it’s only 40 miles for the capital of Mexico with nearly 18 million inhabitants. It just seems like a disaster waiting to happen. After 80 years of being dormant, it’s last large explosion was in year 2000, causing tens of thousands of people to relocate. This is also capable of melting large amounts of snow and creating enormous mudslides into the cities below. With the peak reaching 17,802 feet, it certainly has a lot of ice it could melt. Recently in March 2016 an ash column reached over 6,000 feet and then it spewed lava a month later. With a larger explosion it could certainly cause a catastrophic loss of life, if not an apocalypse.

1.Yellowstone Supervolcano
On our own American soil, lies a supervolcano, capable of bringing on the apocalypse with ease.Yellowstone was America’s first national park but a ticking time bomb lies beneath the soil that could go off any moment. This supervolcano, typically goes off every 600,000 years; it’s been 640,000 years since its last eruption. A giant lake of lava the size of mount everest, sits under Wyoming, Montana and Idaho just waiting to see the light of day. The caldera of this volcano is about the size of Los Angeles. This would potentially wipe out the entire Western United States, leaving us with about 30 states instead of 50. Imagine the Mount St. Helen’s explosion but only 10 times larger. This would then trigger other seismic events, causing earthquakes and volcanic eruptions around the world. The entire earth would be consumed with toxic ash and gases. Temperatures plunge, agriculture ultimately fails, bringing on an apocalypse.
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